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As most of you know a few years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  Thank God there are now many different treatments available but one of the most commonly used, and one which I underwent, was a stem cell transplant. 

Fortunately for me my stem cell transplant was autologous (using your own cells).  For many other diseases a bone marrow transplant is necessary using donor bone marrow.  The transplant is not an easy process but having to wait for a donor match just makes it all that more stressful.    


My deep commitment to the Ezer Mizion mission is due in part to my recent experience and the knowledge that had I needed a bone marrow donor Ezer Mizion would have been there for me.   Their registry has over 840,000 potential donors and saves about 25 lives a month.

Ezer Mizion's registry is a life insurance policy for all of us. There are many diseases which can be cured with a bone marrow transplant. Help us expand the registry and save more lives. Every DNA test for a donor to join the registry costs $50. The bigger the registry the more lives we save.

If you would like to join us for golf or tennis you can register through my page as well. It would be great to see you on the greens on May 15th.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Coach Jonathan Halpert