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  • Charles Weissman $340
  • Simmie And Beth Chiger And Family $3500
  • Sam Cohen $100
  • Rhonda Weiss $50
  • Owen Rumelt & Betty Atlas- Rumelt $180
  • HOWARD TABER $180.00
    Thank you for your hard work
  • Kim & Ian Beiss $180.00
    Mazel Tov on a wonderful fundraising event and we wish continued good health for the Chiger family.
  • Yitzy & Naomi Hollander $360
  • TANIA MATERMAN $360.00
    In memory of Robert Materman
  • Michelle And Chaim Nordlicht $100
    Good luck for a great cause
  • Shlomo & Feigy Klein $180.00
  • Sam And Miriam Meyer $180
    Keep up the great work
  • Avi & Lisa Rosman $180
    Tizchu L'Mitzvot!!!
  • Jacob Guttman $100.00
    Great cause, good luck. Ginny & Yak
  • Andrew Scheer $50
  • BETH CHIGER $1000.00
    love from aunt beth and gang
  • Marilyn & George Hamada $100.00
  • Doreen And Beryl Eckstein $2000
    in honor of our dear friends Simmie and Herman and in gratitude for all they do for Klal Yisrael, Doreen and Beryl
  • Nejat &hilda Rahmani $180.00
    great job for great cause
  • Helaine Linder $50.00
  • Stanley Weichholz $100.00
  • Richard Silber $100
    Thanks for your dedication and keep up the great work.
  • Anita And Richie Grossman $180
    Good Luck in the tournament! Titzchu L'mitzvot
  • Steven Tanen $100
    Tizku Lemitzvot.
  • Robert Harris $100
    tizku l'mitzvot. In memory of Mildred Harris a'h
  • Erwin Schiowitz $50.00
  • David Maryles $250.
    Team Chiger ... Thank you for inviting us to partner with you to benefit Ezer Mizion. Your continuous commitment to Torah, Mitzvot & Chesed provides a wonderful example for us to follow. May each of you be zocheh to continue such important efforts with strength, until 120! Tzkeu L'mitzvot. Rena & David Maryles
  • Ivy Yizhaky $180.00
    You're a beautiful & amazing family! Hope you reach your goal!
  • Gerald And Beth Schiff $250
  • RIsa And Mordecai Pollock $100
    Tizku l'mitzvot!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $1100.00
  • Robert Zimmermann $136.00
    Go Team Chiger!! Simmie - we are so proud of your dedication to this amazing cause. The Zimmermann's
  • Robert Eisman And The Unilite Team $5000
  • Yaakov And Adina Itzkowitz $100
  • Steven Selesny $2000
  • Steven Selesny $1000.00
    Thank you to Simmie for his tireless work on behalf of the LGBT community
  • Alan Greene $550
    In honor of Simmy. A good guy
  • Zak Chiger $100.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $180
  • Stuart Alter $1000
    To Sim and Herm, the dynamic duo, as a result of your passion, dedication and leadership Swing for Life has grown from just 20 golfers to over 400 golfers/tennis players in 7 years, Kol Hakovod!!- Beth and Stu
  • Mark Cohen $100
  • Elliot Chiger $180
  • Mr. And Mrs. Moshe Orenbuch $250
  • Michele And Gary Friedman And Family $360.00
    Team Chiger, thank you for your continued TIKUN OLAM!!!
  • Bruce & Melanie Orlofsky $360
  • Marc Soskel $2500
  • Yossi & Adina Hollander $500
  • Izzy And Ruth Zehnwirth $500
  • Neil Sambrowsky $1000
    Keep up the good work! All our love. Aunt Beth and Uncle Neil
  • Meryl And Jeremy Strauss $500.00
  • Harold Lipsky & Michael Levine $550
  • ELeanor CHiger And Jay Kaplowitz $360.00
    Simmie and Beth Chiger
  • Anonymous Sponsor $150
    In honor of Simmie & Herman
  • Ari Rockoff $100
  • Harold Rubin $150.00
  • Frady And Avi Moskowitz $100
  • Daniel Lev $550.00
  • Noemi SKorski $50.00
  • Joel Klein $550
    In Honor of Simmie Chiger
  • Larry Beck $850
  • Joshua Feldman $180
    To health, wealth, and happiness
  • Stacey & Moshe Radinsky $180
  • Moish Smulevitz $100
  • Rachel And Jeff Lichtman $72.00
    In memory of our beloved fathers, Andre Lichtman and Yehuda Klein
  • Jay Mostel $100
  • Amy & Lenny Zehnwirth $360
  • Racheli Hackel $100.00
    Go Team Chiger! The Hackels
  • Michael Friedman $1100
    Keep up the good work!
  • Neil Torczyner $36
    Yasher Koach - What a great cause
  • Simeon Chiger $1137.50
  • Simeon Chiger $1093.83
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Our team is once again participating in the Swing for Life Tournament and we need your help! 

Ezer Mizion is an extraordinary organization. All the money we raise will benefit their International Bone Marrow Registry. Last year Ezer Mizion facilitated 324 transplants and to date the registry has saved over 2500 lives! Ezer Mizion has a unique partnership with the Israel Defense Forces and now almost every new army recruit willingly joins the registry. In the 7 years since we started our Golf Tournaments in Israel and in NY, we've raised over $1M for our personalized "Hole-in-One" donor pool, which has resulted in 17 life savings transplants!  

Ezer Mizion's registry is a life insurance policy for all of us. There are many diseases which can be cured with a bone marrow transplant. Help us expand the registry and save more lives. Every DNA test for a donor to join the registry costs $50. The bigger the registry the more lives we save.

If you would like to join us at the Swing for Life Tournament as a golf or tennis player you can do that through our family donation page. It would be great to see you on the greens on May 15th!

Your donation means the world to our team and even more to the families that we are helping.