What is Ezer Mizion?

Ezer Mizion supports Ezer Mizion-Israel, one of Israel's largest health support organizations. Our mission includes cancer services, food distribution services, special needs programs, free medical equipment rentals, free ambulance transportation and the World's largest Jewish Bone Marrow Registry. To learn more please check out ezermizion.org
How can I Crowdfund for Ezer Mizion?

Please register your team HERE. The site will walk you through setting up your team's personal crowdfunding page.
Am I responsible to pay for anything if I don't achieve my fundraising goal?

You will be responsible to raise or donate $2200 to cover your team's foursome reservation cost. Any other fundraising goals you set for your team are extra, and while we hope you can attain them, you will in no way be penalized for not reaching them.
I've never fundraised before, how can I achieve my goal?

Our crowdfunding software makes it simple for you to share your team's fundraising goals with family and friends. Please post your personal link to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and send out a short yet personal email. Ezer Mizion is a remarkable organization. Our International Bone Marrow Registry acts as a life insurance policy for the thousands of people who require a transplant every year.
Can I donate to a team's fundraising goals and participate in the golf/tennis?

Of course! Registration and sponsorship options are available on the Personalized Sponsor A Team pages. Click here.
Can I register for a sponsorship or as a player for golf/tennis without crowdfunding?

Of course! Click here.
What is the Swing for Life event timeline?

Brunch at the Woodmere Country Club: 10AM
ShotGun at 12 noon
Tennis Tournament: 12 noon
BBQ Lunch: 1-3 PM on the Green
Cocktails and Dinner 5:30PM
What is included in my golf or tennis reservation?

All golf and tennis guests are encouraged to join us for brunch, BBQ lunch, cocktails and an awards dinner. Gift Bags will be presented to all players.
Can I come to dinner only?

Cocktail and Dinner only reservations can be made for $180.
Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! If you are not joining us for event, your donation is 100% tax deductible. If you are then the fair market of the goods and services received at this event per golfer is $215 at the Woodmere Country Club and $50 per tennis player. For federal income tax purposes you may deduct as a charitable contribution the price of this donation less its fair market value.
For more information click here.